Because of our huge supplier network, we can also offer over 450 tuxedo styles, which can easily ordered in for your evening event.

Black Tie Events

If the invitation says “black tie,” it means you can wear any tuxedo with any color tie and vest. You’re not limited to just a black bow tie. In certain times of the year, you also have the option of wearing a white dinner jacket, which we also carry in our store.

After Hours stocks twelve different black-tie tuxedos. The styles range from very traditional to contemporary. We also stock a full complement of vests and shoes to go along with the tuxedos. Same day service is no problem for us. There are many instances where people pick out their tuxedo, try it on, and wear it to the occassion. There is a running joke in our store that our tuxedos have been to the White House more than most of the Congressmen in this area.

White Tie Events

If your invitation says “white tie,” you need to wear a jacket with tails. We stock two different types of jackets with tails in our store. We also carry the pique accessories in stock that go with the white tie outfit.

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